Protein World Fat Metaboliser Review (2022)

Fat Metaboliser (By Protein World)


The pros

  • Caffeine, Cayenne, Green Tea.


  • Not enough Core Nutrients
  • Missing Appetite Suppressants
  • Some Ineffective Ingredients

Fat Metaboliser Review

Here’s our review of Fat Metaboliser from Protein World. It’s a supplement with claims to promote:

  • Energie
  • Metabolism
  • Fat Loss
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Concentrate

It works, but how does it work?

We review Protein World Fat Metaboliser90 capsules to find out how worth it is.

Here’s everything we know:

Protein World Fat Metaboliser Review

Fat Metaboliser Ingredients

There are some good options here, not the best we’ve seen, but definitely better than some of the bigger brands out there.

Some of these products were good for energy, metabolism and fat loss. Protein World Fat Metaboliser appears to flirt with appetite suppression but doesn’t fully pull it off.

We will be looking at some of the key ingredients and offering suggestions for how we can improve them.

Fat Metaboliser Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous

This can be used as a starting point for Protein World Fat Metabolizer. Caffeine, arguably, is the best natural stimulant currently on the market.

It is well-known that it boosts energy. What else could it do?

Research shows that caffeine supplementation can improve energy, focus, metabolism and power output. These benefits make it a great choice for improving your fitness and fat loss.

Green tea extract

A great option for Protein World Fat Metabolizer. It is an effective natural fat burner and all it takes are the antioxidants contained in green tea.

Specifically the catechins, these are antioxidants that after being absorbed help to promote your body’s overall levels of norepinephrine. This is your main fat-burning hormone. This hormone is your fat-burning support.

L-Theanine, which is a tiny amount in green tea can be helpful for some focus issues.


This isn’t a fat burner in Protein World Fat Metaboliser. It could be helpful in other ways.

L-Tyrosine, a natural amino acids that has been shown to reduce stress and increase focus, is known as L-Tyrosine.

It could increase your motivation and concentration when training at the gym. It won’t directly burn fat, but it could get you in a position where you want to push harder and do it yourself.

Guarana Extract

Protein World Fat Metaboliser provides more support for caffeine. Guarana can be used as an all-natural herbal remedy that has high levels of caffeine.

While it contains antioxidants these only help to improve general health. The main benefit that you’ll get from it here is from the caffeine within it.

While this will not help with your workouts, it may increase your metabolism.

Yerba Mat Powder

Another herb that’s really only worth caffeine within it. Again, the main benefit that you’ll be getting from Yerba Mate is the caffeine.

As we’ve already mentioned in the Guarana write up, Yerba Mate’s caffeine can help support the caffeine already in this supplement by boosting metabolism and energy levels.

It’s a nice natural supporting ingredient.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Also known as ALA. This isn’t a direct fat burner in Protein World Fat Metaboliser, but it can help you in other ways.

In some instances, ALA can be used to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. It can also help you keep your insulin levels in control.

This is why it matters.

Your insulin levels control how much fat you can store in the foods you eat. You can reduce your fat storage and make it easier for yourself to achieve your goals.

Cayenne Powder

This is the final ingredient in Protein World Fat Metaboliser. It’s a great one.

Cayenne Pepper has Capsaicin. The nutrient’s heat comes from Capsaicin.

After your body absorbs the capsaicin, it increases your body’s overall temperature. The body responds by initiating a cooling cycle to regulate itself. The cooling process uses more calories that you normally would, which results in a higher caloric expenditure and a greater fat loss.

Some studies have shown it to be effective in suppressing appetite.

Protein World Fat Metaboliser Ingredient Summary

There are many good choices in Fat Metaboliser, as you can see. However, some aspects could be better.

We want to mention that Cayenne Powder and Green Tea are great options for this supplement.

The most important choices are certain, but the rest appear to be supporting agents for others (e.g. Guarana, Yerba Mate and Caffeine.

We would place more emphasis on suppressing appetite. It’s important to stay true to your diet. Avoiding cravings is the first half of the battle.

Glucomannan is a great choice because it’s a fibrous compound that swells in the stomach, helping to make you feel fuller longer.

Green Coffee Bean, another helpful ingredient, is also suggested. Green Coffee Bean reduces glucose in the liver. Without it, the body will burn the excess fat.

Protein World Fat Metaboliser 90 Capsules Review

Fat Metaboliser Side Effects

We haven’t seen any side effects reported with this supplement. The ingredients are all safe and healthy.

However, we can’t speak for everyone. It’s possible that some people do have a bad reaction to Protein World Fat Metaboliser.

If you’re concerned you should speak to your doctor before using it, especially if you have any preexisting conditions or allergies.

Protein World Fat Metaboliser – How to Take

Take one serving in the morning (1 – 2 capsules depending on your caffeine tolerance) and another serving in the afternoon before 3pm.

Protein World Fat Metaboliser – Boots?

Boots currently stocks Protein World Fat Metaboliser capsules

Check store availability for your location. If that is not possible, you can order online.

Protein World Fat Metaboliser 90 Capsules Review

This is an effective fat-burner that holds a lot promise. It’s reasonably priced and contains some good ingredients – however, we think that there are better options out there.

There are several areas where Protein World Fat Metaboliser fails to have a considerable impact – mainly in appetite suppression. The focus seems too much on caffeine and energy-boosting.

This area could use more attention to make Fat Metaboliser an even more complete supplement.


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